Monaco FreePort

The ideal storage location

The Monaco FreePort is open to any owner wishing to store goods corresponding to the definition in the Customs and Taxation code:

  1. Artworks
  2. Collector's items
  3. Antiques
  4. Costume jewellery and jewellery that does not fall within the restrictions of the Kimberley Process


No VAT payment when works enter the Monaco FreePort.
Anonymous storage.
Unlimited duration.

Entry requirements for the Monaco FreePort

All goods entering the Monaco FreePort must come directly from a third country.
Any temporary admission to Europe would make entry impossible.
In order to standardise and assist the arrival of your goods in Monaco, we will let you know all the elements that must be in our possession one week before the scheduled arrival.

Exit conditions of the Monaco Freeport

Any movement in the warehouse must be accompanied by a customs officer.
Any presence in the premises must be accompanied by a manager.

The opening hours must be strictly respected.
Monday to Friday:

Final exit from the warehouse:

  • for sale
  • release for consumption

Temporary relocation will be granted by Customs in only the following cases only:

  • Exhibition
  • Auction
  • Restoration
  • Expert assessment

Need to store artworks, antiques, precious objects?
Choosing the Monaco Freeport means no VAT on entry and anonymous storage for an unlimited amount of time.
An ideal solution!